Nepean Imaging -
 Examination Preparation  
Pelvic, Pregnancy, Prostate, Kidneys, Renal or KUB – You must have a full bladder for this examination. Empty your bladder two hours prior to your appointment, then drink one litre of water, finishing one hour before appointment. 
For Example if your appointment is at 2pm, empty your bladder at 12pm and drink 1 litre of water between 12pm-1pm, hold until appointment. 
Upper Abdominal – Nothing to eat, drink, smoke or chew for six hours prior to appointment. 
 CT Scan  – phone for preparation instructions.
  X-Ray - no preparation required.
 Please inform staff if you are diabetic for appropriate preparation instructions. 
 Please bring any relevant previous X-rays and scans 
 Please inform staff if you are, or think you may be pregnant. 
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